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Broker Real Estate Agent Loan Referral Program Get Commission Referring Property

Broker & Referring Party Program

We welcome the opportunity to partner with Real Estate Professionals to serve your clients’ needs with quick and accurate real estate financing advice.  Your clients will enjoy low rates and a variety of loan types; Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial, SBA and Bridge Loans.  You benefit from our dedicated loan officers and in-house processing teams to close escrow guaranteed.  Learn more:

Why Choose Fidelity Bancorp Funding ?
  • Our historically low interest rates.
  • Our wide range of loan options; fixed rate, ARMs, Interest only, and Bridge Lending to increase the purchasing power to your clients.
  • We customize solutions to address unique loan scenarios.
  • Over 29 years in experience, $10 billion funded, and trusted by 10,000+ clients.
  • We make it easy: One easy step, One form to refer your clients.
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