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Great Opportunity Real Estate Strong Market During COVID-19 Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Inland Empire Home Loan, Apartment Loan, Commercial Loan, SBA Loan, Private Money Loan, Bridge Loan

Buying, Refinancing, and Cashing Out Your Investment Property during COVID-19, a Good Opportunity in Strong Markets


Factors to consider when investing during the pandemic. Historically strong markets with fundamentally sound economy will recover faster than others. Great opportunities for investors are still out there for those who aren’t afraid to think outside the box.

1) Rental markets are strong – with high rental demand.

2) Section 8 might be a good option.

3) You can always increase rents down the road.

4) Real estate will outperform the stock market – real estate is relatively unaffected by the stock market volatility.

5) 10-Year treasury yields are unbelievably low.

6) The Federal Reserve cut its benchmark interest rate to almost 0%.

The bottom line is that this pandemic shall pass. If you have a good deal or are thinking of refinancing your investment property, contact us for advice regarding your next investment move. Call us today for a FREE loan scenario review 877.585.FUND (3863) email:

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