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“We are professionals dedicated to superior standards of excellence and best practices, always providing our clients peace of mind for their home lending needs.”

(877) 585-FUND (3863)

Tony Sonsma

Anthony Sonsma

ben hernandez - fbf loans - orange county

Ben Hernandez

Blaine Mengert - orange county loan officer

Blaine Mengert

Bobby Ramirez - orange county apartment loans

Bobby Ramirez

brett sonsma - orange county apartment loans

Brett Sonsma

Catheryn Tran

Catheryn Tran

David Guevara - orange county commercial loans

David Guevara

Derek Dietzen - orange county commercial loans

Derek Dietzen

Dylan Bright - southern california multi family loans

Dylan Bright

earl mccoubrey

Earl McCoubrey

hemant patel - fbfloans - loan officer

Hemant Patel

Jeff Blair - apartment home loans

Jeff Blair

Jesus Sanchez

Jesus Sanchez

loan officer

Jackson Kure

Judy Danko - real estate executive

Judy Danko

KC Chadha - apartment loans southern california

KC Chadha

Kevin Kriser - apartment loans orange county

Kevin Kiser

Marianne Hartshorn - southern california investment real estate

Marianne Hartshorn

Mark Kollmansberger - fbf loans - loan officer

Mark Kollsmanberger

Matt Brown - southern california commercial real estate

Matthew Brown

Navin Didda orange county real estate

Navin Diddi

Pat Cappocciama

Pat Capocciama

Pete Alvarez commercial real estate orange county

Pete Alvarez

Raymond Baez - multifamily real estate

Raymond Baez

loan officer

Rick Padilla

Robert Tudor

Robert Tudor

steve canto orange county broker

Steve Canto

Tinus Sonsma - fbfloans - loan officer

Tinus Sonsma

Tony Prestera - orange county real estate broker

Tony Prestera

william sonsma orange county ceo

William Sonsma

What our clients have to say

Fidelity Bancorp Funding carefully listened to my needs and concerns and provided excellent options with rationale to support my decision. They kept me informed of the process was available to respond to questions in a timely manner. They were an excellent communicator and quickly built a trusting relationship. I enjoyed working with FBF and I highly recommend them without reservation.

Nadine Barreto

Fidelity Bancorp Funding is of high integrity and service. I trust FBF wholeheartedly and gladly recommend them to any one that I can.

Jack Werre

FBF has consistently showcased superior business ethics, business acumen, creativity and loyalty. I have always highly recommend them to my friends, family and colleagues for any Real Estate Funding project.

They gets thing done right, quickly and is always the best value in town!

Bryan Mulenbrach
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