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New Mortgage Intern From The Netherlands

New Mortgage Intern from the Netherlands

Fidelity Bancorp Funding (FBF) is pleased to announce the addition of Sjoerd Sterk, Fall 2016 Intern visiting us from the Netherlands. Mr. Sterk’s primary responsibility is learning and supporting the current Loan Officers for a very hands on experience in the mortgage industry. This is an in-depth experiencesjoerd-sterk-intern-fidelity-bancorp-funding acquiring opportunity for interns to get their hands around a successful career post college.

”It’s a great opportunity for me as a Dutch student to work at Fidelity Bancorp Funding for six months. For me, this is not just another step in my personal development and part of my study, it’s also a new country, new culture, awesome people, and a beautiful environment . I look forward to what awaits me is my next six months, but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be awesome!” said Sjoerd.

Sjoerd brings enthusiasm and experience to the Fidelity Bancorp Funding office with his professional demeanor and studies in business. His activities include hockey, cars, travel & fitness.

Visiting us from the Netherlands, Sjoerd joins the FBF as a current student from Avans Hogeschool, earning his small business degree in retail management. “Sjoerd is excited and eager to learn.  We both welcome and look forward to his contributions to our successful FBF residential and commercial mortgage platform we have created,” states Raul Casillas, Senior Vice President.

Fidelity Bancorp Funding is an Orange, California-based firm providing mortgage options to meet the long-term needs of clients of all ages and scenarios, including Realtors, home buyers and investors. Founded in 2000, the firm is dedicated to superior standards and best practices, and recently surpassed $9 billion in funding provided nationwide. Fidelity Bancorp Funding specializes in assisting those in complex situations or who need alternative options such as bridge financing to help ensure that they get the deal they want. For more information, visit

For more information about our internship program, visit our website at or call (877) 585-FUND (3863).
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